Sales, Marketing & Client Service Team:

This team is on the front lines of conversation. Formally educated and experienced in marketing strategies and planning, their priority is simply "Return on Investment", they speak the same language that brand custodians do and get the best out of the Delivery team. Their job is to make sure our message is consistent and our service is top notch. This entire team is well versed with varied marketing strategies, having spent minimum of 5 years in the domain.


Content Team:

Our diverse team of professional content writers deliver quality content on any subject imaginable. Whether it's a newsletter, banner, poster, outdoor or on the blog, articles or content for your existing pages, content team is a one stop shop. With 4 in house editors who manage 100 writers across India, we have a unique talent for matching the right content to the right writer.


Design Team:

The Design Team comprises of group of graphic artists, web designers, web developers, and widget creation specialists. Our design department works closely with other in-house departments creating everything from promotional materials to applications and scripts. Whether it's building the brand or simply making every day tasks a little bit easier, the Design Team is connected to everyone. Our design department also works directly with clients providing support in video production, graphic creation, EDM designs, stage designs, exhibition stall designs, 3D models, developmental planning, conversion optimization services, on-page strategy implementation.


Delivery Team:

This team comprises of 12 Campaign Directors with formal education in delivery for varied verticals and domains - events, diverse media, branding, video direction, strategy planning, PR etc. Their jobs involve utilizing relevant in house resources, sourcing quality third party service providers, precision in executing a designed campaign, constant monitoring of campaign being onsite or offsite whichever applicable and data management to translate it in to detailed reporting.


IT Team:

The IT team is comprised of a combination of brilliant programmers, data scientists, highly talented web designers and widget creation specialists. This industrious and disciplined team is the heart beat of Synergy MarCom and the driving force behind all of the proprietary technology that we use on a daily basis to help our clients achieve their goals. They have created Multiple revolutionary tools and highly successful applications that integrate with conventional Marketing campaigns to make them emerge as - Easy, manageable and result oriented programs.